Every family’s situation is unique and based on care needs, personal wishes, and many other factors. Below are a few common scenarios when families seek long term care and services and advice on what’s next.

My mom was recently hospitalized, but now she needs 24/7 care and rehabilitative services.

Post-acute care facilities, also known as skilled nursing or nursing facilities, are long-term, comprehensive facilities that offer round-the-clock care and a variety of services, social activities, and recreational opportunities. Today’s post-acute care communities focus greater attention on resident needs and preferences.

I am a senior who values my independent lifestyle, but I would like more of a sense of community and anticipate needing more care and services as I age.

Senior retirement homes offer care and services, but maximum flexibility and independence for their residents. Search for communities that will work best for you by visiting our Facility Finder.

My elderly aunt wants to stay at home, but she needs some help cooking and getting around.

Oregon is known for its community-based care approach to long term care. If your loved one needs help and wishes to remain living in her own home, in-home care may be right for you. In-home care services are provided by professionals and usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending upon the level of care needed, these services may be provided by one or more caregivers on an hourly, part-time, or shift basis.

Those close to the care recipient, such as loved ones, family members, or friends may also provide care. If you’re a family member providing care, visit www.OregonCarePartners.com to find no-cost trainings, both in person and online, across the state that help make caregiving more rewarding and less stressful.

My dad was recently diagnosed with dementia, and his memory loss is only worsening.

This may be a scary time for you and your family, but there are resources that can help you. Begin by researching memory care communities in Oregon, which you can search by location and type on our Facility Finder. There are also free training and resources available to family members of loved ones with dementia, which you can find online at www.OregonCarePartners.com.

My family member needs care, but they still want to live an active, independent lifestyle.

Community-based care settings such as assisted living or residential care communities are long term care options that offer varying degrees of personal and medical care. Community-based care options come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a private room or an apartment to a multi-unit facility. Community-based care provides individualized care and assistance in a homelike setting with the goal of maintaining maximum independence.