◂  February 2020

Role of the RN in Community Based Care

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Sysco of Portland, Tualatin Room
26250 SW Parkway Center Dr
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9606

This three-day intensive orientation to the role of the nurse in community based care will benefit both new and experienced assisted living and residential care nurses. Participants will not only learn the foundations and basic principles of community based care nursing in ALF/RCF but also how to operationalize the critical roles and responsibilities of a CBC nurse. Health Service Directors will understand the scope of the settings and practice, health service related regulations including medication administration and regulatory focuses, delegation, service planning and RN oversight/assessment of residents’ health care needs, quality improvement systems and documentation. Learn how to implement proven systems that support efficient, quality health care services that will help you stay on top of your health services program. Participants will be provided with in-depth study and will have opportunities for applied application of processes and tools. Learn how to prioritize your responsibilities, make the most of your time and strengthen the health services program in your community. Valuable resources and tools will be included in the program.

Role of the RN Additional Resource Materials

Several public resources will be referenced throughout the course including the assisted living/residential care OARs and other related resources which are not included in your class training manual. These resources are available complimentary online for public viewing. In each Role of the RN class, OHCA will provide a limited number of printouts of these resources for participants to share and review as needed throughout the class.

Participants: if you’d like to print these additional resource materials and bring them to class or reference them after the class has concluded, please email janiennea@ohca.com for the PDF links. If you are unable to print these additional resource materials and you’d like to have them, you can order a book of the materials from OHCA for $79 during the checkout process as you register for this event.

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